shewasalex asked: Hey(: I was wondering how you control you sugar cravings! I have terrible sugar cravings and I cave in :( is there a way to prevent it?

eating more fruit will defiantly help with the cravings :) or making smoothies with honey

Anonymous asked: Hi what country are you from ?

I’m from England :D

From my research it looks like tea brewing time depends on what your teas made out of. To put it simply

  • leaf: 1-3 minutes
  • flower: 3-6 minutes
  • stem or stalk: 8-10 minutes
  • root: 7- 9 minutes

I’d recommend experimenting with your tea and seeing how strong you like it. It’s all just trail and error at the end of the day :D

Check these bad boys out, I was delighted when the “sweet potato fries” we ordered ended up being simple slices of boiled and roasted sweet potato. Delicious!!

Check these bad boys out, I was delighted when the “sweet potato fries” we ordered ended up being simple slices of boiled and roasted sweet potato. Delicious!!


Chamomile blossom tea in York~

I really enjoyed this tea, it’s shame the combo isn’t a common one to come by. Still I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it in the super market *_*

djyoshi-k asked: Any ideas of how to make ramen(The cheap stuff) slightly healthy?

Best tip for making ramen healthier, don’t eat the soup! That’s were all the grease, oil and sodium goes, if you can drain it out or only eat half of it, it’s instantly a healthier meal!

Oh and I hear a lot of people add an egg to their ramen (it cooks in the soup like a fried egg I believe? Don’t quote me on this, I’m on my phone other wise I’d do a quick google search to check :P)

I’ve never tried it but it’s suppose to make ramen taste a lot nicer, the fact eggs are good for you is just a bonus ;)

kiwimargarita asked: Blue Mallow with Earl Grey is my all time favorite tea! Have you had the opportunity to try it?

I’ve only have had earl grey actually~ it sounds interesting though I will keep an eye out for it :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! So I've never really been fit or very healthy, but I've never really been excessively overweight, just bigger than most of the people around me. I've just started to turn this around and eat healthier and exercise more, is there any chance you could write an exercise plan for someone who doesn't want to go to the gym or spend heaps on equipment?

Hello anon!

Firstly good luck with everything, I hope it goes well and you achieve the body and health you want! :D

As for drawing a sort of home work out routine, sure maybe I could do something like that? Though I tend to use dumbbells or a kettle bell if I work out at home (which is rarely at the moment) so I’d have to research into routines without equipment. It’s something to put of my “to do” list for sure.

alamagoozlumart asked: I've been working on my diet and exercise to get healthier, and I absolutely love your blog <3 Your comics are so sweet and charming and super inspirational. I was wondering if you knew of any websites with quick and easy clean eating recipes? Also, do you have suggestions for healthy toast spreads? Thanks!

Thank you!! :D that means a lot! good luck with everything I’m sure it’ll go swimmingly :D

tiny-tuba asked: i'm so glad i found your blog! i just started college and i'm being tempted with all those prepackaged, unhealthy snacks. luckily, we have a great agriculture program so i have access to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. you are encouraging me to actually make use of these resources! good luck and health to us both :)

Oh my! I’m so jealous, having such a veggie garden at your deposal must be amazing! :D I hope you’ve managed to cook plenty of tasty dishes already :3 

I found it almost impossible to not live off microwave meals during most of uni, so I think it’s fantastic that they’ve provided you guys with that. :D