An anon pointed out to me today that I hadn’t been consuming enough calories, this was actually very true. I don’t want to promote under eating so today I tried to improve this, it is difficult though as much as I’d like to buy high calorie healthy foods like avocado, lean red meats and mackerel I can’t really afford it. 

Regardless hopefully this will be an improvement on yesterday


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Anonymous asked: I like your blog because when someone compliments you, it seems like you genuinly care and appreciate it! A lot of fitness blogs i see, act like we aren't important to them or something, but not you! You seem like an amazing person :) Your progress is great and good luck on the rest of your journey :)

I’m really glad I come across genuine because my followers are really important to me. You all inspire and motivate me to work hard on this blog and my personal health. And thank you anon for the kind words!

Anonymous asked: Hi! Your blog is really great. But I'm kind of worried by your intakes. As a former (well, current) eating disorder sufferer they seem really really low, like barely 800 cals a day. About the amount I was eating to maintain a dangerously low weight. Please be careful and kind to yourself lovely.

Thank you for the concern. I need to work on this I struggle to have a good balance with my diet, it’s either one extreme or the other. Thanks for the advice!

sparklereindeer asked: Just letting you know I love your blog! I absolutely adore you and all your posts! I'm trying to lose weight myself, so you are a huge inspiration to me! Your art is also way too cute! *-*

Thank you so much, wow I really am so lucky to have such lovely followers! Good luck on your weight loss journey :D

runwaytofit asked: Your blog makes me so happy! Keep up the amazing work! :D

Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Stay happy :)

the-shy-violet asked: I love that your blog has the same cutesy style of fat acceptance blogs, but you actually spread a message of health, fitness, and motivation (: Wonderful blog, keep up the good work!

Thanks so much! I like to think I encourage a healthy lifestyle without demonizing people who chose to be larger. What you do with your body is your own individual choice at the end of the day ;)

anyway I really appreciate the lovely comment, cheers!

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say your blog is a healthy inspiration. I've been yo-yo-ing for the past few years and it's been very difficult physically and mentally. I've been very motivated and have been eating healthy and working out for the past month and I've lost 11.5 pounds. I have a long way to go not only in size but in learning to love myself. Keep up the great motivation. :)

Ahh you guys are all so inspiring! Well done on the weight loss and over coming your struggles! Sounds like you’re doing amazingly I hope I can continue to motivate you with my silly little drawings :D

Anonymous asked: Loved your comic on who to lose weight for. I struggled for years with it and people around me trying to make me lose weight. It wasn't until I wanted it for myself that I lost 30kg and change my life for the better. Thank you

I’m glad you liked that comic! Your experience just shows that there is nothing more motivational then realising you deserve to live a long and healthy life! No amount of body shaming can compare to that revelation.

Ps- massive congratulations on your weight loss it’s always inspiring for me to hear about people success!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been slipping up on my food choices lately, so to keep myself on track I’ll be documenting what I eat publicly! :) Here’s Day one~


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