Super serious concept sketches for future blog posts *nod nod* yep ;)

These are taken from my doodle book, which is full of all sorts of silliness…

mha-paige asked: Hi, I run a blog called mental-health-advice. We help with every mental health related issue like self harm, eating disorders or relationship, gender and sexuality issues. We created a live chat and have dozens of pages. It would really really mean the world to us if you could follow/post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. But, make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather than this (my admin blog) Thanks in advance, Paige

What a great blog! To anyone struggling with these issues feel free to check it out, it seems like a very supportive space.

(Though just a heads up guys I recently got like five messages from blogs asking me to promo them or whatever. I really hate this because it’s a bit like you’re trying to use me as free advertising haha…I’m only replying to this one publicly because I think it’s an important blog and could help some of my followers.)

Urgh unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to finish my comic…Today’s been a really busy day and I guess it just caught up with me. :(

Since I’m not posting anything tonight, here’s a little teaser of one of the panels I finished!


mang0running asked: Hi, dearie! I'm a brand new fitblr and absolutely love your blog :) I was wondering if you could help me gain some followers? It would really mean a lot to me :)

Hi there!

Thanks for the lovely comments! However you’re the only person who can help your blog grow ;) just post great content and be active~ This will get you a lot further then asking people to “help” you gain followers.

I will answer this publicly and if anyone wants to check out your blog I’m sure they well!

Anonymous asked: your blog is the cutest and best thing ever

Thank you!! Asks like this make me super happy, it’s always nice to get positive anons as well :3 


Aww you’re so lovely!! :D thank you!

My kettlebell arrived a couple of days ago!

I was recommended 8kg to start with but it’s way to heavy for me, I can only manage a handful of the exercises using it. Hopefully my strength will build up over time :/

I just did a mini routine in the garden, my body huuuurts so much.